Florida trip brings back memories

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I took a break from NCAA basketball  Sunday afternoon and while channel surfing came upon the 1960 movie “Where the Boys Are.”  This was the spring break movie of my high school years and teens everywhere made Connie Francis’ song of the same title number one across the nation.

In this movie, the girls wore crinolines, heels, and white gloves when they went out to dinner; the boys wore suits and ties.

On the beach in the evenings, girls wore pedal pushers and their blouses tucked neatly in. 

Most, if not all, of the cars were big tail finned Cadillacs and many of the beach scenes were phony and plastic. But how we loved that movie and when we left Marianna, Fla. to stay at the beach house of one of our friends (with a chaperone) at Panama City Beach, we felt just like Connie Francis or Paul Prentiss or Delores Hart (but not like Yvette Mimeaux who drank too much and ‘got in trouble’).

More than 50 years later, I have just returned from another spring break week at Panama City Beach.  This time I traveled with my niece, her friend and their two 16 year old daughters in a van equipped with a DVD player. 

I expected that we would watch movies all the way down.  Ha! The driver and I were the only ones whose eyes were not glued to their phones for the 11 hour trip. 

I think there was near continuous texting, game playing, and fact checking (I do love that 16 year olds will challenge my statements and then either verify them or prove me wrong!)  The phones are an extra appendage to the teens and one of the Moms.

We didn’t even have a phone at the cottage when I spent spring break at the beach.

Furthermore, there was not a crinoline or pair of pedal pushers in sight  I had expected crowds to be much larger and more rowdy, but where we were staying, life on the beach was pretty civilized. The young people played lots of beach volleyball and were quite polite to this representative of a much older generation.

I had a good visit with my friends who live at the beach and of course we hit the best oyster bar in the area, Hunts.  Then back to Madison, Ind. to cold weather and rainy snow.

It’s not easy getting back and forth from Madison to Carrollton these days.

My first trip was a real doozy.  I meant to cut across Kings Ridge, but turned left too soon and traveled for miles on a very narrow, twisty road with no shoulders and no lines on the sides. 

This was not a safe road to drive and I was just hoping no one else was taking the same route. The road narrowed considerably and the white lines disappeared  as soon as I crossed the line from Trimble County into Carroll County…just sayin’.

As I write this, the Louisville Cards are headed for the Sweet 16. I miss my beloved Cats being in the tournament, but I am sure pulling for Coach Pitino and the Cards to take the championship this year. 

Watching them yesterday, I could not help but think, this is what a team looks like that plays together for more than one year.


Jarrett Boyd is the retired former director of Carroll County Public Library. She resides in Madison, Ind.