Food preservation workshops set for August

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With all the ripe summer produce, I have been teaching food preservation workshops to help you learn proper methods of “putting up food” for those cold winter months ahead.

Last week I concluded teaching the canning workshops.

In August I have two more workshops scheduled — one on freezing on Tuesday, Aug. 9 and making pickles and relishes on Thursday, Aug. 18. Both of these are all-day workshops from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. A $12 fee will be charged for each workshop, which includes lunch.

I invite those who have never done any home freezing or making pickles and relishes or want to update their knowledge and learn current correct and safe methods to participate. All techniques taught will be based on USDA research-based guidelines. Please contact our office for more information and to register for the workshops.

Back-to-school on a budget

It is officially back-to-school season. Many retailers have started running back to school ads. It is important to plan for back to school expenses for your children; however, these may not be part of your regular budget, since these are not usual expenses.

You can reduce your back to school stress and expenses by developing a budget before heading out to buy clothes and school supplies. Planning ahead gives you time to shop for the best price for specific items. 

Start with the class supply list.  What do you already have at home or remaining from last school year that your children can use? Make a list of the new items you need to buy. Look for sale ads in our local newspapers or on the internet. 

Many retailers offer large discounts on class supplies to encourage you to shop there. Take your class supply list with you and only purchase those items on the list.  If there is a summer reading list, talk with parents of students who just  completed the grade your child is entering, they may be willing to let you borrow or purchase their books at a reduced rate. 

Go through your children’s clothing and make an inventory. Identify clothes which are outgrown or your children no longer wear.  Take these to the consignment shop, give to family members or friends or save for a younger sibling.  You can earn money to use toward new clothing by selling clothing at that consignment shop.  If your child’s school has a dress code, check out what colors and styles in clothing will be needed. Do you clothing that still fits? Compare notes with friends –can you give clothing that does not fit your child but in perfect condition to a friend? Can your purchases wait until later in the season to purchase?

For example, you probably do not need to purchase a winter coat in August. By dividing your school clothes shopping over several months, you are spreading out the expenses. 

Prioritize your school shopping list in order of importance. Talk to your children about the difference between “needs” and “wants”. 

Develop a budget based on “needs”; if you still have additional money available you can use  it on “wants.” Consider paying cash since you are less likely to overspend if you pay with cash, as opposed to using your credit card. 

Shopping with a credit card is very convenient, but since it is not as easy to see what money is remaining, you are more likely to overspend.  When using cash, once all of your cash is gone, you cannot buy anything else. Spending cash makes you much less likely to overspend if you cannot afford it.  

For additional money tips, check out the University of Kentucky MONEYWI$E website at www.ca.uky.edu/moneywise .

Upcoming Extension programs

Contact the Extension office for information on the following programs:

l “A Healthy Weight!” (Weight the Reality Series). This popular 10-week weight management series will be taught on Wednesdays, from  Sept. 7-Nov. 9 from 5-6:30 p.m. 

l “Quilt Workshop, “Fabricholics Fancy!’ Special in –depth workshop Sept. 22-23. Taught by quilting specialist and designer, Cindy Casciato of Ravenna, Ohio. Begins Thursday afternoon 3-8 p.m. and continues Friday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.


Grace Angotti is Carroll Co. Extension agent for family and consumer sciences. Call her at (502) 732-7030 or send e-mail to gangotti@uky.edu.