Founding fathers guaranteed Americans religious freedoms

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As we celebrate another Independence Day as Christians, the Fourth of July has a double meaning. This day reminds us of the long journey this country has followed to get to where we’re at.

At this place in time, we owe so much to our forefathers along with the courageous men and women who gave of their lives sacrificially to the cause of freedom. It was 237 years ago when a God-given right for freedom was launched, that through our Declaration of Independence this young nation would be granted the liberty and freedom to live, love, and worship according to God’s Holy Word.

This freedom has been defended numerous times as America has been called on not only to defend and protect herself, but to assist in helping to defend other nations around the world from the darkness of the devil’s destructive power.

Anytime freedom is given, someone has to sacrifice.  As we celebrate this special holiday with picnics, ballgames, grill-outs and fireworks, let us not forget by whom this is all made possible.

The greatest sacrifice was made more than 2000 years ago when a man named Jesus gave his life for mankind.  Jesus, who knew no sin, became sin on that cross so that you and I could be free.

As the blood of Jesus flowed so our sins could be forgiven, the beginning of American freedom was released.  Freedom to worship our God with liberty and truth — freedom to go and raise up a new country built and centered around the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus died and rose again so you and I could be saved, live in his family and spend eternity with him. Jesus is the truth and his word speaks of freedom by his truth.

John 8:31-32 says, “If you abide (continue) in my word, you are my disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

America needs to re-examine the truth, to once again look to God’s word, the very book this nation was founded on. This book will help us navigate the confusion we face today. The truth about marriage between one man and one woman, the truth that life begins at conception, the truth about equality, that all men and woman are created equal.

When we lose the answer book, we end up giving the wrong answers.  The answers are found in God’s word.  Proverbs 4:7 says “Wisdom is the principle thing, therefore, get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.”

We live in a time of much information but very little understanding and revelation of what’s right.

God raised up this nation to carry the gospel of Jesus to a lost and dying world. It’s time to return to the basics of our forefathers. As we look to our great flag, may we be reminded of the blood of Calvary.

As we look back, we will receive the courage and strength to move forward.  God’s not finished with America, and he’s not finished with you and me.  It’s time to move ahead. Let’s do this for the Lord and the future generations coming behind us. God bless.

The Rev. Pat Butcher is the pastor of Family Worship Center in Carrollton, Ky.