Friendly folks come to motorist’s aid

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I am from Cincinnati and I was taking my son for an overnight visit at Hanover College.

We got off at the Carrollton exit and started having car trouble. We made it to the Marathon station. Our car would not go forward. I did not know what to do. We didn’t know anyone and the college was too far to call for help. We had to move the car somewhere else in the parking lot.

A very nice man offered to help push it. It turned out he was familiar with cars. He tried everything he could, without a garage, to help. His wife and son gave moral support. Another man pulled up and lent a hand. He called a friend who was great with cars. Although the friend couldn’t fix the car, he knew exactly what it was and told us so we could easily get it fixed at home. He called his friend who does towing. It was a lot of money to me because my husband is sick and money is very tight.

The man who pulled up to help at the beginning, who called his friend to come help, took care of the towing. We were towed all the way back to our home safe and sound. And, of course, the tow truck guy they called who drove us, was another very kind person from Carrollton.

I just can’t believe how kind and generous the people of Carrollton are. What a wonderful place to live. My point is, the people who live there are good people who care about each other (even outsiders). It isn’t like that everywhere. You are very fortunate to be a part of a community like Carrollton.

 I don’t know the first guy’s name. He had a beautiful green Camaro. The guy who pulled up’s name was Mark, the car wiz friend was Hoss. The towing company was Cummings.

Nancy McCarthy

Cincinnati, Ohio