Friends, prayers help in battle with cancer

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Since I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer several months ago, this has truly been a wonderful experience for me.

I told Father Davy last month that the prayers and good will I have received has really made this problem a joy.

Not in my life have I ever experienced such an outpouring of true Christian brotherhood. Since my friend Dr. Hussein noticed the change in my PSA, Dr. Jackson has confirmed it and my friend and fellow high school classmate Dr. Terry Davis (formally of Carrollton) told me where to go for the cure. And with your kind support, I have never doubted the outcome.

I have two more weeks of treatment here in Atlanta where even the sun has continuously been shinning on us.

As you might imagine my wife Carolyn has been my backbone through all of this. To her and to all of you prayer warriors out there, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I know of some of the churches of whose prayer list I have been on but I have heard from so many that I was on their prayer list at church and had no idea what church that might be. I am hoping a public thank you would keep me from forgetting anyone.

You will always be in my prayers.

Thank you again and I love you and I love Carrollton.

John Glauber