Geology club gets adventurous

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At Jefferson Community and Technical College Carrollton Campus there is a new organization that is quickly becoming the most adventurous club ever encountered by its students.

Geology Club, The Geo-Adventurers Chapter, is sponsored by geology instructor Caroline Reisner, formed on the Carrollton JCTC campus on Oct. 14, and signed more than 20 members in its first week.

Members are beginning a legacy of adventures in geology for future JCTC Carrollton Campus students. The main goals of the club are to have fun, create a social environment for people with similar interests, provide opportunities to attend professional seminars, expand experiences in the field, build leadership skills, connect to a professional network, have a forum for current geologic discussions and outreach in our community.

Blended into the adventures is learning, which has prompted members to take a number of trips on their own time to further their geology-curious minds. Already club members have visited Marengo Cave, Big Bone Lick, Mammoth Cave, Mega Cavern, NC-Emerald Mining, Cumberland Falls, Berea Geology Museum, Hosfeild’s Custom Jewelry and Elliot County Kimberlite Mines.

Future club field trips include places like General Butler State Resort Park trails, Falls of the Ohio and the Arkansas Diamond Mines. There are many activities to do and places to visit but a dedication to learning, leadership development and community outreach ensures it does not stop there.

Geology Club is something JCTC Carrollton Campus has never seen before. There are high hopes to interest the uninterested and inform the uninformed.

This club will begin an adventure for Jefferson students and beyond. Geology Club is making a path for the students and opening a whole new world of information.

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