Girls soccer shuts out Southern 10-0

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By Kristin Beck

The Lady Panthers soccer team saw just how far they have come over the past four years Wednesday night, beating Southern High School of Louisville, 10-0. Southern is a young program that featured only a few players with soccer experience.

“In all honesty, they look the way we did four years ago, so we know where they’re coming from,” Carroll head coach Greg Damron said. “I really don’t like driving a team 10-0 and out, but at the same time, we’ve never been given this opportunity, so trying to tell the girls to back off, they didn’t understand what I was saying. They just kept going, kept going, kept going.”

Damron subbed out most of the varsity starters, giving his JV players some added experience.

Senior Sierra Martinez scored first to put the Lady Panthers on the board. She also scored later in the second half.
Sophomore Mary Rodriguez scored her first career goal by doing as she was taught and crashing the goal. Damron said when the girls usually take a shot on goal, they back away from the keeper. He and the assistant coaches have been pushing the girls to stop doing that, to keep going until the ball is out of bounds in the net or the keeper clearly has it in their hands. As a first year player, Rodriguez did not have a frame of reference to do anything different. The ball bounced off the keeper, and she was there to put it back in the net.

Senior Kaylin Wallace started the game in her sweeper position, but was moved up to striker a few minutes in and scored the Lady Panthers third and fourth goals, giving them a 4-0-halftime lead.

Senior Alex Skirvin only played about half of the game, but she made good use of her time. She scored two goals in the second half, and she and Wallace fed the ball back up to the younger offensive players late in the game.

Sophomore Hailey Ashton, senior Nicki States and sophomore Ciera Drake all scored career-first goals in the second half. Drake injured her arm against Owen County and wore a brace during the game. Damron said they wanted to take it easy on her until she was good to go, playing her about half the game.

But Drake didn’t take it easy on the Lady Trojans.

“When we put her in the field, she went at it,” Damron said. “She didn’t back off.”

Damron said he has been pushing his defensive line to assert themselves and make stops rather than relying on Wallace to do everything from the sweeper position. “They all stepped up and they did that,” he said. “This was a good game because it allowed them to get it and to build that confidence.”

Damron said senior Aleshia Winburn in particular really stepped up. “I had a lot of improvement come out of Aleshia Winburn on the defensive side of it,” he said. “I’ve been really pushing for her to step up and quit deferring.”

With the first win of the season under their belts, Damron said his team gained a confidence booster moving forward. “All of a sudden they were starting to see, ‘Oh, wait a minute, our passes are making connections, we’re dropping the ball, we’re working it to the wings,’ and people really had to step up.”