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‘God is life and life is God’ is the basis of theology

I spent several hours last week preparing my Bible study lessons on the Book of Genesis. It is amazing to compare the story of creation to life as it is today.

The study on creation helped me, more and more, to see life of God in every one and in every thing. I see the vibration of God’s life everywhere.

These days, all of us enjoy the sunrise and sunset.
When I run in the morning, I see the sun rise. It is an awesome experience looking at the morning sun and seeing the beauty of God’s creation. Last Saturday evening, I spent almost 30 minutes at Point Park watching the sunset. What a wonderful horizon. What else do I need to praise God who created the sun and the moon?

In the Unites States, respect for life is emphasized in every aspect, I believe. Generally, we respect life of human beings, but people here give loving care and respect to their pets. When I was growing up in India, we children pestered dogs, birds and other animals. Here, mistreating a dog or any animal is considered a criminal offense.

These days I spend every morning looking at the flowers around my house and the tomato and pepper plants. It is always refreshing to walk around the town looking at the flowers, lawn, plants, etc., growing in the yards.

It makes more sense to me to read again the creation story from the first and second chapters of Genesis. I see the presence of God’s life in a blade of grass, in the wind, rain, sun, moon, trees, plants, flowers, animals, birds and human beings.

My faith in God, the creator, is doubled. Let us see God’s life in and around us.

I shared my new outlook on the universe with Father Antony, who visited me in the past week. He told me the impressive definition: “God is life and life is God.”

I think this is the theology and spirituality of life.
Father Kavungal Davy, CMI, is priest at St. John’s Catholic Church in Carrollton, Ky.