Grateful to doctor, ER for diagnosis, care

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By The Staff


This is a letter that I have written before, but lost when we lost our electric. It is long overdue.

I was not a person who went to doctors. I did see Dr. Hussein two years ago. He fixed what was wrong and I didn’t go back. I see him on a regular schedule now.

My son took me to Carroll County Memorial Hospital in November. I was unable to tell him my symptoms. All he knew was I was in a lot of pain. We were in the admissions room. He gave my name, address and phone number. I was able to say “Hussein.” That was the last thing I remember. I do not remember leaving the admissions room.

The emergency room staff and Dr. Hussein found that I had a gall bladder that needed to be removed. It was full of stones and there were more stones in other parts of my body. I had pancreatitis and high liver enzymes.

The emergency room staff and Dr. Hussein stabilized me and found the problem with no help from me or anyone else. They admitted me into the hospital to get the infection out of my pancreas and to get my liver enzymes to go down. This had to be done before my gallbladder could be removed. The staff took excellent care of me. The good surgeon took my gallbladder out. The medicine I was given before the procedure didn’t make me sick (that was a miracle for me). So, thanks to the anesthesiologist, the whole surgical team showed their expertise and concern.

I did have to go to another hospital for an a procedure, but, the emergency room staff, the surgical team, the hospital staff and Dr. Hussein prepared them for everything. Dr. Hussein knew the surgeon’s abilities, talked to him, gave detailed information, and saw me through it. I felt safe with him. I was safe with him.

I was helpless; my life was in these people’s hands, and I am so grateful they were there for me. This letter took a long time to write, but, I think about how fortunate I was to have them there every day.

Nolia Webster