Group seeks input on county’s health needs

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By Sharon Graves

People who need public health services often feel defeated by the system, but hopefully that is about to change, according to Melody Stafford, Health Planner of Three Rivers District Health Department.

Mobilize for Action through Planning and Partnership, or MAPP, has been working on a project for almost a year as they try to identify public health needs and wants through a series of meetings. The group is trying to identify what medically is missing locally in the four county district of Carroll, Gallatin, Owen and Pendleton counties that keeps residents from being as healthy as possible.

“There are a lot of resources available but people don’t know how to access them,” Stafford said.  “People feel defeated and almost surrender.”

The group is applying for a $250,000 grant from the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, and is trying to determine what the best use for the money would be, Stafford said at a recent meeting.  

Fine tuning the group goals and establishing a one-stop shopping venue for services such as early education and childhood development, community resources and cradle to the grave needs, are some of the ideas being considered, Stafford explained.

A Wednesday, June 17 meeting is being planned with Dr. Andrew Weiner, a strategic planning expert from the University of Kentucky. Weiner will walk the group through their goals and help them determine the best way to achieve their long term goals, Stafford said.  

Anyone concerned about health issues in Kentucky is invited to attend the June meeting at the Carroll County Public Library. Please advise the Carroll County Community Development Corp. by June 10 at (502) 732-7035 if attending as breakfast and lunch will be provided.   


Stafford said she appreciates the sacrifice of time many people have made for this project.  “I’m proud to sit at the table with these people.”