Heading to Nationals

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The Carroll County High School and Carroll County Middle School cheerleaders competed at Adair County High School Saturday, Feb. 16 and were named Cheer LTDs Southern Kentucky Varsity Non-Tumble Champions. CCHS will compete in the JamFest Nationals in Louisville March 23-24. CCMS will compete in Cheer LTD Nationals in Myrtle Beach March 15-17.


Senior Jessica Price was named Senior Cheer Individual Champion. Jessica Peck, Jasmine Beach, Doodle Amick, Darian Skirvin and Price also were named Senior Group Stunt 2nd-runner up.

The high school cheerleaders will host a donation-only Pee Wee Cheer Camp in the high school cafeteria Wednesday and Thursday from 4-6 p.m. All three-year-olds up to fifth-graders are welcome. All proceeds will benefit nationals.