Henry County coroner backs David Wilhoite

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By The Staff


I, Jimmy Pollard, coroner of Henry County, would like to take this opportunity to address the election of the coroner of Carroll County. During the illness of Jimmy Dunn, long-time Coroner of Carroll County, I have had the privilege of working with David Wilhoite covering Coroner’s calls in Carroll County.

Therefore, because of my experience with him in the capacity as coroner, I feel I have an obligation to the people of Carroll County to endorse David Wilhoite for your coroner. I have known David for a considerable time and have always found him to be compassionate, professional and knowledgeable when dealing with the untimely death of a loved one. I personally assisted in the training that certified David as a death investigator and know that he is a competent, capable person. He is very dedicated to the Coroner’s Office and to the people of Carroll County.

It has been brought to my attention that there could be a conflict of interest should a funeral director be elected coroner. Across the state, between 85 and 90 percent of Coroners are also funeral directors. For many years, Jimmy Dunn, who was a funeral home operator, served as Coroner of Carroll County. This, in fact, allowed the taxpayers of Carroll County a tremendous savings in expenses. The county Fiscal Court did not have to provide costly equipment and services, such as vehicles, phone service, office personnel, dispatching and 24/7 availability.

I would ask the voters of Carroll County to join me in supporting and retaining David Wilhoite as the coroner of Carroll County.

Jimmy Pollard

Henry County Coroner