A history lesson on Confederate Flag

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By The Staff


The Confederate Flag, what does it stand for and what does it mean?

Nowhere can anyone show me where this part of our American history is a race issue.

But yet we have two teachers who say this flag offends them, so the kids can’t show or wear them.

Our family did a long extensive ancestral background check and we found members from both sides of our families who fought on both sides of the Civil War.

As teachers you would think they would want to teach, not hate. But for some, maybe they need a history lesson.

So let’s break out the history books and start teaching our students the real history behind the Confederate Flag. It’s truly not about black and white, black and red, white and red — it’s American history and our heritage.

All this stems from a homemade over-the-shoulder book bag that has several pictures of the Confederate Flag on it that my daughter has carried from the first day of school this year. And now this past week, she was told not to bring it back to school. I went to the board of education office. In that meeting I was told that the flag doesn’t represent any race issues, it’s what people make it out to be.

So is it American history-American heritage or is it a race issue?

Pat McGlennen and Dierdee McGlennen