Hog initiative in county garners $1,500 grant

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The Kentucky Agricultural Development Board, chaired by Gov. Steve Beshear, approved the Carroll County Agriculture Development Fund Inc. for $1,500 in Carroll County Agricultural Development Funds for the Carroll County Show Hog Initiative.

The goal of this project is to encourage students to show livestock at county fairs, district livestock shows and the Kentucky State Fair. One objective to reaching this goal is to purchase and maintain four sows that will be bred twice per year. The fall born piglets will be available to 4-H and FFA students at cost, while spring born piglets will be sold as feeder hogs to sustain the program. The applicant estimates that 40 families in Carroll County could benefit from the project.

This project was one of the 13 proposals approved at the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board’s April business meeting.

For more information about this project, contact Joseph Vessels at (502) 732-7075, (502) 424-3489 or joseph.vessels@carroll.kyschools.us.