Jesus, remember me when you are in the Kingdom

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We welcomed the month of November with Halloween celebrations. My reflection during this month is on saints and sinners. I got scared several times while running through the streets of Carrollton early in the mornings when I saw ugly and scary statues in front of the houses. Halloween celebration is over now thanksgiving is right around the corner. It is nice to think about the history and spiritual meaning of the annual celebrations.

During Halloween celebrations many must have been attending costume parties, carving pumpkins, lighting bonfires, telling scary stories and watching horror films, doing trick-or-treating and earning countless candies. True, this holiday falls on Oct. 31, which is the eve of All Saints Day. Halloween (Eve of the Hallows.) originated to celebrate the end of harvest and kick the souls out of the house. Even though the Halloween day is just for fun now, I think that it would be nice to think why we do it.

The spiritual truth behind Halloween is that all religions have ways of honoring their ancestors. Yes, that is what Halloween is about.  It is a time to honor and pay attention to the lessons that our ancestors have given us.  Remember grandparents and the legacy they left.  Remember their struggles so we might learn from their lessons and life may be easier for us.  Remember their love, their warmth, their light and their words.

Days after Halloween is a time for meditating on what gifts our loved ones have left us. May we never live in a society that forgets their dead! We remember the departed souls every day. We specially pray for them every year in November starting with All Souls’ Day (November 2). My dad, two brothers and one sister passed way. They worked hard and left behind many memories. I am not sure when they died what they asked for. I am asking forgiveness on their behalf now. In the Gospel of Luke (23:39-43) we read the conversation of Jesus and the two criminals who were crucified with him. One of them admitted his sinfulness and requested the Lord to remember him. Jesus promised him paradise immediately. We don’t know what happened to the other one.

Jesus raised the dead; Lazarus (John 11), the widow’s son (Luke 7), daughter of Jairus (Mark 5, Matthew 9). Jesus’ presence with those families gave them joy. We believe that Jesus is the guarantee for our resurrection. He will help us to get into heaven. What we only need to do is to go to him as Mary did for Lazarus, Jairus did for his daughter or the thief did from the cross. Let the month of November be a time for us to remember our beloved ones who helped us in different capacities and now asking for our prayers to enjoy the heavenly bliss. Death will be knocking at our door one day. We will receive what we give to others. Let the Saints and Souls make a difference in our life, let it be an eve of hallows.


Father Kavungal Davy, C.M.I., is priest at St. John’s Catholic Church in Carrollton, Ky.