Journey to Calvary

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Stations of the Cross can help practice the forgiveness Jesus demonstrated

During the season of Lent people do a lot of sacrifices, giving-ups and prayerful practices.

One of the things I usually do everyday during Lent is the Stations of the Cross. The 14 Stations of the Cross and the resurrection help me to walk with Jesus to Calvary. Usually I don’t use any book to pray, instead stand sometimes in silence in front of the picture looming and reflecting on the event.

 This Lenten tradition helps me to walk my life with hope and peace. Jesus fell three times with the cross on his way to Calvary. It was hard for him to get up and continue his journey, but he did it. Everyday I also fall in my journey. It is sometimes hard to get up. Jesus’ falling and getting up always strengthened me to walk with faith.

 On the 10th station I stand looking at the creator being stripped of His garments by the soldiers. Everyday I hear incidents of people being insulted or humiliated. What a humiliation was it for Jesus to be stripped of in public. Jesus didn’t complain. He stood like a lamb in front of the soldiers. Sometimes when I hear words of humiliation or actions I consider them as nothing comparing them to that of Jesus.

 When I look at the picture of the crucified Jesus on the 12th station my eyes get wet. I think for a moment the hands of Jesus that performed miracles and the feet of Jesus that walked a long distance preaching and doing good. They are now helplessly crucified.

When people whom we help turn against us and undermine us or our family how do we respond? We hear the sermon of Jesus from the cross in seven sentences. The first prayer was to forgive. Luke 23: 34 “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” Is that easy to say? Let the same value of forgiveness reflect in our life style. Let the forgiveness flow from Calvary to our home and work place.

 At the end of the stations, I feel spirit-filled when I reflect upon the resurrection of Jesus. No more cross, falling, humiliation, crucifixion but everlasting joy.

The cross we are carrying may be heavy now, sometimes too heavy, but there is an everlasting joy and peace waiting for us where there is no more crying or pain. Let the preparations we do during Lent help us to enjoy the resurrection peacefully.


Father Kavungal Davy, CMI, is pastor of St. John’s Catholic Church and Transfiguration Mission.