Kinman ‘loves’ new job as Carroll County sheriff

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By Kristin Beck

It was an early Monday morning for Sheriff Jamie Kinman’s first day at the office. A 6:30 a.m. wake up call for a horse in the road on Hwy. 389 was his first official call for service as the new sheriff of Carroll County.

That was followed by two break-ins, a vandalism call in Ghent, a deceased horse call in Worthville and a car wreck in front of North American Stainless. Add to that general office duties and calls from concerned citizens about their taxes and that spells a very busy start for the new sheriff.

“I loved it, love it. I’m enjoying it,” Kinman said with a smile during an interview Tuesday.

Kinman officially took office at 12:01 a.m. Monday Jan. 3. Currently, he and Deputy J.T. Shaw are providing coverage for the county day and night until new deputies can be hired and trained.

“J.T. approached me back in early June, mid-June and wished to keep his job as a deputy, and I respected that,” Kinman said. “ … The main thing is I respected him for coming to me and talking to me about staying on as a deputy. J.T. showed a lot of initiative in wanting to keep his job, and I took that into consideration. That meant a lot to me. I think J.T. does an excellent job. There (are) some areas that we’re going to work on together and try and improve, but I respect the job he does and we’ll work good together.”

Kinman said he has a candidate for deputy in the process of POPS testing and that he should know more about his status next week. He hopes to have the new full-time deputy by mid-June. An additional full-time deputy will be hired at a later date.

Until then, Kinman said he has talked to Kentucky State Police about providing troopers if the sheriff’s office needs assistance. If the sheriff’s office and KSP are unavailable, the Carrollton Police Department has agreed to answer calls for service in designated areas.

Chief Mike Willhoite sent a memo to his officers, to Carroll County Dispatch Center and to Carrollton Fire Chief Randy Tharp stating that the department will cover Hwy. 227 to I-71, including Wal-Mart, the restaurants and other areas of Hwy. 227 but excluding calls on the interstate. The city will also cover the city of Prestonville to the intersection of Hwy. 36 and Hwy. 42. On Hwy. 55, CPD will respond to the intersection of Mound Hill Road. Officers will also cover 11th Street to the locks, including all residences south of the city limits.

“I greatly appreciate that help,” Kinman said.
The sheriff also hired two new office staff members: Mandy Tuttle, full-time, and Jennifer Willhoite, part-time. Bailiffs Strother Stark, Ron Lacefield and Devon Ellison have remained on staff.

Kinman said his goals for the year include getting back to full staff, having a better working relationship with CPD and KSP, being more involved in community activities and having more of a presence out in the county, a point he campaigned on during election season.

“We’re going to be in the city of Carrollton also working with the Carrollton Police Department on calls, but I want the people in Ghent, Worthville, Sanders, English and Prestonville to know they will see an increased effort by the sheriff’s office in their areas,” he said.

Kinman said he wants the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office to be respected and to be respectful, friendly and involved in the community.

“I want to thank the people of Carroll County for the opportunity of a lifetime,” Kinman said. “It’s a great step for me and my family. I’m very grateful for the confidence they put in me to be the sheriff of Carroll County. I am going to perform my duties as sheriff to the best of my ability and have an office that will make the people of Carroll County proud. If there is anything that me or my staff can do for you, please come see us. We have an open door policy, meaning anyone is welcome. If there is a problem you see that needs to be addressed with our department, please contact me.”