Kinman dealership to keep Chevrolet

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By Sharon Graves

No news is good news, and that’s exactly how Herb Kinman views the fact that he has not received a letter from General Motors about closing his Chevrolet dealership.

“We definitely under no circumstances got a letter from General Motors,” Kinman said in an interview last week.

General Motors is on the verge of bankruptcy and has been sending out letters to dealerships across the country stating they would not be renewing some franchises in October 2010, Kinman said.  

General Motors looked at things such as customer service index, sales and service index, sales and facility and Kinman said he rated high in all areas.  

“On one side we’re happy we didn’t get a letter, but we’re sorry for all those who did,” Kinman said.  

Kinman employs 24 full time and 31 part time people and he reiterated that Carroll County doesn’t need to lose any more jobs.

People have said they were worried about buying a car here because they were afraid we weren’t going to be here.  “My plan is to be here,” Kinman said.