KSP investigates string of burglaries

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By Cindy DiFazio


Landmark News Service

Kentucky State Police suspect tough economic times may be behind a recent string of burglaries in Henry and Carroll Counties.

Lieutenant Jeff Medley said 16 burglaries have been investigated by the Campbellsburg Post since December 1, 2008. “Tough economic times may be a part of it,” he said.

On Tuesday, Jan. 6, there were three residential burglaries and one attempted in Campbellsburg alone. Trooper Chris Clark said these all were daytime break-ins. “We believe these occurred while residents were at work or doing errands,” he said.

Clark said the individuals likely knock on the door to check if a house is occupied. If someone answers, the would-be intruders ask an innocent question, such as “Is this where there are puppies for sale,” and retreat.

If nobody answers the door they break in and snatch up anything they can get out the door with easily. “They are in and out quick, grabbing everything they can,” Clark said.

Medley said people should keep their homes and vehicles locked and valuables out of sight. He also recommended writing down identification numbers of electronics and descriptions of jewelry kept in the home — that can help in returning property.

The Kentucky State Police ask the community to be vigilant. Clark said residents should take notice of vehicles strange to the area and jot down a description of unknown vehicles or persons and call the police immediately.

He said if someone knocks on your door that you don’t know, report that to the police as well. “People might not think anything about it at the time, but that’s their easy way out,” Clark said.

Medley said if anyone knows of someone who has obtained property illegally, they also should call the Kentucky State Police, and leave an anonymous tip. Medley said they hope someone can recall seeing something or someone out of the ordinary.

If you have any information regarding the break-ins, please contact the Kentucky State Police at (502) 532-6363.