Labels and extreme politics harm nation

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 A Farewell to Arms? Please....

I have long felt that a two party democracy has been crippling progress for America’s future for several decades now. Some call it necessary as a system of checks and balances, but I disagree.

It has gone from Democrats and Republicans to the catch labels “right-wing Conservatives” and “liberal nut jobs” and now finally to “Tea Partiers” and “communists.”

I don’t have to go but a page or two back in the posts today on Facebook, watch the news, or merely drive down the road to see clear examples of this behavior.

The original Tea Party was us (America) vs. them (British rule). The Cold War was also U.S. (Democracy) vs. them (Communist countries). It doesn’t take much thought to realize that calling Democrats “Communist” and Republicans “Tea Partiers” is a war cry on ourselves, but this time it is “us vs. us.”

As if we don’t already have enough other enemies around the globe, we chose to fight amongst ourselves.

The hate that this cultivates is poison which rose to the surface this past weekend in the shootings in Arizona. Politicians are public servants who step up and do their best to better our country and represent all of us.

A shot at one of our elected public servants for stepping up to the plate is a shot aimed directly at you and me and our democracy.

The pay for this patriotic duty is minimal compared to that of celebrities and professional athletes, yet media relate politicians to the anti-Christ.

Americans are getting worked up into a bi-polar political frenzy of callous indifference to any positive feedback for either side although both have made many contributions to America as a whole.

Though it was well before our time, this level of anger and hatred around two sides of an issue in our country was last played out in the Civil War. I highly doubt that extreme politics from either party accomplishes anything productive for our country.

If we don’t start heading back towards the middle, we will be entangled in an ugly downward spiral that could end very badly for us.

If there weren’t two political parties, there wouldn’t be sides to take and lines to draw in the sand; would there? Please consider what you promote when posting or forwarding extreme political posts, comments or emails.

There are infinite issues that require open ears, hearts and minds for our government to address. Labeling a politician as a Tea Partier or a liberal, or even simply a Democrat or a Republican, is an unfair practice that leads to simple stereotypes and profiles that make it far to easy to pick sides; either for or against.

Whatever their label, these Americans all share a common love for our great country and dedicate their time and efforts to making it the best place for we, the People.

Peace, love and understanding. Why is that so hard for us? The answer is simple-hate is much easier and takes less effort.

Think I’m kidding? Try for just one week to not argue with your spouse, shame a co-worker or to go on a rant about something. Find someone to compliment every day or do something to help someone in need other than your own needs. It’ll make dieting seem like a piece of cake...

Jeff L Salverson