Last day of school May 30, grad June 1

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By Kristin Beck

Carroll County Board of Education voted at a special meeting Tuesday, April 8, to amend the 2013-2014 academic calendar, requiring students to attend school on Election Day, May 20, and Memorial Day, May 26. The last day of school for students will be May 30, and Carroll County High School graduation is June 1.

Teachers will attend required professional development days June 2-6, with closing day on June 9.

Chief Operations Officer and Director of Pupil Personnel Larry Curell presented the board with three options, with the board selecting the second option. The first option would have kept the current calendar as is, meaning the last day of school would be June 3, graduation June 8 and staff closing day on June 10. Staff would have attend a required professional development day on Election Day.

Option No. 3 would have students in school on Election Day, but off on Memorial Day. Graduation would be June 1, but students’ last day would be June 2. Staff would attend required professional development days June 3-6, June 9 and having closing day June 10.

Board Chairman Mona Kindoll said she thought the district would have better attendance on Memorial Day than the day after graduation, as she did not think the seniors would attend school the day after graduation. “I’m not sending mine that day,” she said.

Vice Chairman Carolyn Jones said she would like to see the schools do something to recognize Memorial Day if they are in school.

Superintendent Lisa James, Ed.D., said it was a “Catch 22” as to whether or not to take Memorial Day off. Some people will be happy, but others will not, she said.

Curell said he expects attendance on Memorial Day and the day after graduation to be low.

The board voted 5-0 to choose the second option.