Lewis returns home after year-long Guard deployment in Iraq

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SFC William “Bill” Lewis, a resident of Carroll County and a member of the Ohio National Guard returned from active deployment to Iraq Sept 9, 2011. He was called to duty on Sept. 20, 2010.

SFC Lewis, Task Force 1-174th, Air Defense (C-RAM), is originally from Columbus, Ohio and moved to Carrollton in 2008. He is married to Brittany Tiller Lewis of Carrollton. While on deployment their first child was born May 4, 2011. He was able to take 15 days leave when the baby was born and arrived at the hospital just hours before the birth.

Lewis’ parents are W. Pat Lewis of Grove City, Ohio and Laura Olson of Lancaster, Ohio, he is the son-in-law of Ronald and Connie Tiller, Carrollton.