Library, animal support group offer programs to benefit our community

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By Jarrett Boyd

After four days of nonstop Irene coverage, I am so glad that the storm was not as dangerous as it might have been. I have friends on the East Coast who boarded up and evacuated and while I have not yet heard from them, I hope they got no worse than lots of rain.

My mind is wandering all over the place this week and I would like to give kudos to a couple of organizations that I think are so very deserving. The Carroll County Public Library continues to be a place of life-long learning for the people of our community.  With the new Apple computers and computer instruction open to everyone, the library staff continues to bring important service to the public. For so many who have no computers at all or still have very slow access, the computer stations and laptops are a necessity.  For my recent trip to New York, the travel books helped me find a hotel and gave important information about places I wanted to go. I never start a road trip without an audio book to listen to. The miles fly by when I have a good book in the CD player.

Not too long ago I listened to a book by Barbara Kingsolver called “The Lacuna.”  Two of the important people in the book were Freda Kahlo and Diego Rivera. The library has books that let me look carefully at their paintings and relate them to the story I had just read.

I love seeing the parents and grandmothers with their youngsters at the library for story hour. The expanded teen programming is a wonderful way to keep students involved in reading and being aware of the resources available. A Spanish speaking staff member is helpful to those who are still having difficulty with English. The speakers and programs offered for all ages truly make the public library the ‘cultural center’ of Carroll County.

This Friday at 6 p.m., my brothers from Williamstown will once again bring their hot wheels race track to the library for their very popular “Hot Wheels Drags.”  About 10 years ago they built these tracks, complete with electronics with the original intent to entertain their grandchildren and maybe set up at the Marigold Festival there. I invited them to bring two tracks to the library as part of the Summer Reading Program and since then, they have traveled to libraries all around the state. They might even drive their fancy old pickups since that is the night of the First Friday car show.

I also want to write a bit about the Carroll County Animal Support group. I don’t know when I have ever been a (very small) part of a harder working group of folks. All praise should go to Tammie Crawford, who for years worked solo to rescue dogs and cats throughout the county. But perseverance finally paid off and the organization is made up of many caring individuals who donate hours and money to seeing that these animals are in foster homes or find forever homes. They organize fundraisers to provide veterinary care and food for those being sheltered at Tammie’s. And they bring tears to my eyes with the efforts they make and the successes they share. 

Currently, T-shirts are being sold in honor of “Emmy Lou” at the Blossom Shop. The profits from these shirts will help pay the vet bills for Emmy who was found caught in an animal trap and had two broken legs. She is walking again and being lovingly cared for by a member of the Support Group. For more information, visit the Facebook site of the Carroll County Animal Support.

This is an example of the most recent post from Tammie:  “Been a busy week. I have done four transports so far and getting ready to leave for the fifth.  Sherry is on her way with one.  We got five dogs into rescue and one going to her forever home.   SNIP was Monday and Tuesday.  Thanks so much to Molly, Pam, Debbie, and Ralph.  Got two Boston Terriers in with me; one on her way to the vet this a.m.”

Anyone wishing to donate cat or dog food may drop it off at the Blossom Shop.


Jarrett Boyd is the retired director of Carroll County Public Library and resides in Carrollton, Ky.