Library looks ahead to 2013

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Now that 2012 has come to a close, I have been looking forward to 2013. I am just now getting accustomed to saying “twenty twelve,” and it seems to have happened just as a matter of course.  I didn’t say “twenty oh nine,” or even “twenty eleven.” But for some reason, “twenty twelve” was the tipping point. So naturally that will carry over into “twenty thirteen.”

I am hopeful that 2013 changes our perception of the terminally unlucky number of 13. The date 12-21-12 came and went without incident. The doomsday predicted by early Mayans did not actually come to fruition. I think once we made it through Y2K, post-apocalyptic predictions do not scare us as much. 

The library is looking forward to a full year of programming and events. Leslie, Patricia and Charles have begun planning for The Summer Reading Program. Somehow, I think it helps thinking about summer plans during these cold, grey days. 

This year’s theme is a little abstract, but I think it will be fun. It is “Dig into Reading.” So we will build programming around being underground and playing in the dirt. 

We are a little ahead of the game because of our garden Leslie planted last year. Expect to see more events planned around our garden and many other fun and interesting projects.

“The Best of the Best” seminar series will continue this year. I think this is a neat opportunity to work your brain. Learning something new, for all ages, is extremely important. It keeps your mind sharp and focused. The brain may not be a muscle, but it does need constant exercise to keep us going. 

We have partnered with Jefferson Community and Technical College for these seminars. College professors come and give talks about their various areas of expertise. In the past, Cristina Marsh taught elementary Spanish and Faith Kutnicki discussed diet and nutrition. Please check our newsletters or our event calendar to look for upcoming topics.


Hillary Arney is the director of the Carroll County Public Library. She resides in Carrollton.