Library offers ‘perks’ to seek item returns

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Carroll County Public Library is offering some free “perks” this holiday season.

The entire month of December will be Amnesty Month. Below are the details:

• An overdue item returned with a non-perishable food item will have fines forgiven.

• Lost items.  Two non-perishable food items will have fines/processing fees forgiven and 50 percent of the replacement value forgiven.

• One non-perishable food item will forgive any outstanding fines, if all items have been returned.

All food items will be donated to the community food pantry housed at St. John’s Catholic Church. 

Our ultimate goal is to receive our overdue and lost items back so they can continue to be circulated throughout the community.  We never want to deny anyone any services because of pesky fines; but unfortunately, they are necessary.

We must charge the fines to insure items are returned timely and are available for fair distribution amongst all of our patrons.

Just as a reminder listed is a breakdown of our fines policy:

• No fines on books, audio books, music CDs, and downloaded items. A fine will only be assessed if overdue notice is mailed out to a patron. The overdue notices are 50 cents per notice. We send out three notices before an item is considered lost.

• Once an item is considered lost, patrons are responsible for the replacement of this item. They can either bring in the same exact title in comparable condition to the lost item or they can pay for the replacement value. This value will not be lowered for age.

• Fines for DVDs are 50 cents per day with a $10 maximum.

• Fines for video games are $1 per day with a $10 maximum.

Please take advantage of this opportunity. I cannot stress enough the only goal is to preserve your ability to utilize services and receive items back so they can continue to circulate throughout our community.


Hillary Arney is director of Carroll County Public Library.