Library readies for its summer reading program

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Summer Reading Program is always an exciting time for us. This year is even more exciting because we have new friends moving into our library. 

We are always looking for ways to provide our patrons with the best library experience possible. As we live in our building, which still seems new to us, it is hard to make changes. But we are going to do it! 

We are adding some new elements in our children’s area to create a fun, dynamic reading and play space. This will include two new caterpillars that will become a part of our library family.

This will be the third growing season for our garden. It is a great tool for children and adults. We really have a lot of fun with it. It is not exactly how we envisioned using the space at first, but I think this is exactly what we needed.  Because the garden has become such an integral part of our library, we thought caterpillars would be a fun representation of bringing the outside in. Once completed, a colorful caterpillar arch will welcome children into their own area. We are also creating some fun reading spaces, like another caterpillar that has reading pods to nestle into with a good book, some shade trees and toadstools that will be just their size. 

We need your help in welcoming our new friends into our library. Every friend needs a name, and we are stumped!

We need you to help us name our two new caterpillars so when June comes and we kick off our Fizz Boom Read Summer Reading Program, we can properly introduce you to our new friends.

In the month of May, please visit the library to submit your name ideas and see part of the new plans. We can’t reveal all.

We want it to be a surprise when you come in to register for Summer Reading in June.

Please be patient with us as there will be a little construction and mess in May, but it will all be worth it.


Hillary Arney is director of the Carroll County Public Library