Lions Club members term first 5K a ‘pleasant surprise’

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By The Staff

The Carrollton Lions Club members sponsored their first 5K Run\Walk event on Saturday with runners and walkers beginning at the back entrance of General Butler State Resort Park, then proceeding down Lock Road and back. When considering the inclement weather forecast, Lions Club Members were pleasantly surprised when 44 participants including 17 runners and 27 walkers attended the event.

According to Lions Club members, the participants appeared to have fun with the number of activities the $15 entry fee provided that included: a t-shirt, chance to win a medal with eight categories, refreshments, live music and massages by a professional after the event. Several participants were very complimentary and provided positive responses, comments pertaining to the beauty and quality of the course. Most expressed a desire for the Lions Club to continue the event next year. The club members’ goal is to make the 5K Run\Walk bigger and better every year.

The following are results from the eight different categories for runners and walkers.

Overall for the men runners, Ron Perkinson had the best time with 17:35. The best time for women runners was Amanda Kramer 22:40. The best time among the male walkers was posted by Charles Waller, 30:36. Tops among the female walkers was Leah Spencer, 42:58.

Medal placements for the different age categories included the following.

Runners 14 and under male: Austin Harris, 23:44, first place; Rene Rabago, 23:51, second place; and Evan Dermon, 26:24, third place. Runners 14 and under female: Taylor Napier, 44:44, first place; and Amelia Napier, 51:12, second place.

Runners ages 15-24 female: Susie Roberts, 32:44, first place.

Runners ages 25-34 female: Amanda Kramer, 22:40, first place; Canada Brightwell, 26:48, second place. Runners ages 25-34 male: Ron Perkinson, 17:35, first place; Ross Hamilton, 28:02, second place.

Runners ages 35-44 female: Allison Napier, 36:50, first place. Runners ages 35-44 male:  Kavungal Davy, 27:29, first place.

Runners ages 45-54 female: Kim Hon, 30:21, first place. Runners ages 45-54 male: Jeff Beach, 25:52, first place; Donnie Williams, 28:05, second place; Warren McEuen, 32:23, third place.

Runners ages 55-64 female: Carolyn Williams, 35:24, first place.

Walkers 14 and under: there were no entries.

Walkers ages 15-24 female: Brittany Belcher, 47:18, first place.

Walkers ages 25-34 female: Leah Spencer, 42:58, first place; Gina Perry, 47:25, second place; Katy Norris, 47:25, third place.

Walkers ages 35-44 female: Gloria Belcher, 45:18, first place; Elizabeth Lester, 45:26, second place; 3rd-Stephanie Garvey, 49:12, third place.

Walkers ages 45-54 female: Betty Stark, 48:02, first place; Susan Hughes, 49:03, second place; Anna Bishop, 60:54, third place. Walkers ages 45-54 male: Kevin Hill, 43:43, first place; David Stephenson, 43:58, second place.

Walkers ages 55-64 female: Jennie Norris, 44:31, first place; Gloria

Lindsay, 44:47, second place; Jan Bixler, 47:55, third place. Walkers ages 55-64 male:  1st-Charles Waller, 30:36, first place; Robert Lindsay, 44:17, second place; Phillip Habas, 49:32, third place.

Walkers ages 65-74 male: Kanute Raney, 50:13, first place.

“On behalf of the Carrollton Lions Club, we would like to thank the participants who came to the race and The News-Democrat for their articles of support,” said Larry Morgan, race coordinator for the Carrollton Lions Club.