Lisa James receives ‘excellent’ evaluation

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By Jeff Moore

Carroll County Schools Superintendent Lisa James received an “excellent” rating on her recent evaluation by the board of education, along with a new four-year contact.

In a Monday interview, board chairwoman Mona Kindoll said school board members rated James on nine performance standards, giving her an overall rating of 3.2 on a four-point scale. She said this is considered “excellent” under the Kentucky Department of Education’s evaluation system.

Kindoll said all five board members completed an evaluation form using the four-point scale. She then compiled the results and averaged the scores for the rating.

The board then met last month to review the evaluations and to review the results with James.

James received at least onerating of a four in each of the nine areas, Kindoll said.

The board indicated that it is “very happy” with her performance. “We’re fortunate to have her in the district,” Kindoll said. “The kids are her first priority.”

The synopsis of James’ performance states:

• James is an excellent leader. She has a vision for Carroll County Schools and does everything within her power to strive toward achieving the goals we have set for our district.

• James is constantly trying to pull in the stakeholders in our county, our industry and community partners. She has made a real push to get our community involved in the Vision 2021 efforts.

• James maintains a good relationship with the board. She follows proper policies and procedure and is effective on communication.

• The school district continues to remain financially solvent even after all the construction work during the last several years.

“We feel that we are very fortunate to have Mrs. James as our superintendent and are very pleased with her as the evaluation reflects,” the board stated in its review. “She is doing a great job for the students of Carroll County.”

Because of the good work James has done, Kindoll said the board of education approved a new four-year contract with her as superintendent. This begins as of July 1 with the start of the new fiscal year.

“She’s got Carroll County at the front of her mind all the time,” she said.

Kindoll said James is keeping Carroll County Schools on the cutting edge of education. This came to light during the recent trip to Boston, Mass. for the National School Boards Association conference where the district won a fifth place national award for its use of technology.

“It made us really appreciate her,” Kindoll said, noting that things that Carroll County has been doing are just now being adopted by others across the United States.

“She’s got us up there with the leaders in the nation,” she said.

The performance review was conducted on nine of the 10 standards used by KDE, without the section on labor relations because the district does not have a teacher’s union, she said.

The summary on the evaluation states that James was reviewed on leadership and district culture, policy and governance, communication and community relations, organizational management, curriculum planning and development, instructional leadership, human resources management, values and ethics of leadership and student achievement and learning.

In addition to leading the district, Kindoll said that James is continuing her education. She said that the superintendent is working on her doctorate through Northern Kentucky University in addition to keeping her busy schedule with the school district.