A little etiquitte goes a long way

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With preparation of summer “look good, feel good” in full swing for all gym goers, try to remember a few simple rules of etiquette that will make you and others who use the gym you go to better:

• Re- rack weights and put them in the proper order. It speeds up everyone’s gym time with much less frustration and reduces chances for finger injuries.

• Don’t share your sweat. If you sweat like a faucet, bring a clean towel and wipe down the equipment after you use it.

• Calm idle gym talk. Remember that not everyone has two hours to use the gym for social time. So be as prompt as you can to use the equipment you plann to use.

• Leave a small “footprint.” Be aware of how much space you take up in the gym. Try not to leave a trail or build a mote of your belongings through the facility.

Power of broccoli

Athletes eat broccoli for its nutrients and fiber content, which supports health and digestion.

Recent research suggests that broccoli also provides nutrients that help support muscle building.

Broccoli and other vegetables in its family – cauliflower and sprouts – contain sulforaphane. This compound deactivates myostatin, which inhibits muscle growth.

Whether your goal is building muscle or improving health, you should consume three large portions (6-8 oz.) of these vegetables per week, but feel free to include them more frequently.


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