Local group aids neglected animals

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I am writing to pay tribute to the Carroll County Animal Support Group here in our town (not to be confused with the county run shelter).

I have been an animal lover my whole life. But for many years I just hid my head in the sand so I didn’t have to feel the pain when I saw animal neglect and/or abuse. Being a home visiting school nurse and a home health nurse for many years in the past, I have seen atrocities to animals (and to children for that matter) that would keep me awake at night.

Well, I have recently pulled my head out of the sand and joined the CCAS and in doing so I have met a few amazing people who also know about the pain when they see atrocities against animals. Tammie Crawford is one of these people. What a strong individual to have done what she has for the past eight years without any recognition or reward. I don’t know this for a fact, but I would guess many of Tammie’s personal resources have gone to care for sick, abused and neglected animals and once again without too many people noticing.

Well, Tammie, I want you to know I have noticed and others that know your work have too. It’s time we got behind you and I intend to.

Please check out the CCAS website: www.ccasky.com, what a great site. (Thanks Phyllis McLaughlin.) There is a list of needed supplies on this site that CCAS can use to help care for the animals, anything you wish to donate can be brought to the Blossom Shop for drop off, as we intend to become an on-going drop off site for the group. Please let’s get behind this deserving group and make some differences.

Sherry Stamper