‘Poem’ about candidates showed desperation, fear

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By The Staff


This is in regard to the lovely poem surfacing in our community mailboxes about two of our magistrates and judge.

Why do we personally have to attack people?

Why couldn’t the person or persons responsible for it sign their name at the bottom of it? Or use the correct names of the three people?

Do you know these people personally? Do you care if they have families?

We don’t need to be involved in their personal lives. They have proved to us to be outstanding members of our community. Have you taken a look or toured the county lately? Our roads are better than any counties around. Our park is beautiful and improves all the time.

We couldn’t ask for a more beautiful courthouse and surrounding buildings. With that said, we all know that there is always room for improvement. These people are limited to how much they can get done between funding, resources and many other limitations.

Let’s face it – they can’t please everyone. Let’s spend less time spreading rumors and put more effort into Trimble County. Let’s let the voters decide who needs to be elected without influence of gossip.

In my opinion, whomever wrote the poem is desperate and afraid of not being elected. But attacking these people isn’t the solution.

Let’s join together and make our county the best that it can be. Let’s all look in the mirror and look at our faults before we judge others. We have four very good magistrates. I would like to take this time to thank each of them personally – Nolan [Hamilton Jr.], David [Scott], Kirby [Melvin], Stephen [Stark] and Randy [Stevens, judge-executive].

Randy, in my opinion, you have changed our county for the better. We are proud to have each of you in office. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication and the time you have taken away from your personal lives to serve us.

This gossip hits home with me because my father, Jim Perry, ran for magistrate. He had vicious rumors spread about him that, ultimately, cost him the election.

He would have made a good magistrate.

So this year, I have taken it upon myself to join forces with my step dad, Nolan Hamilton Jr. I can honestly say, without hesitation, no one deserves to be re-elected more then he does. He has made this his passion to help our county and has done an amazing job at it.

Beth Ann Smith Bedford, Ky.  

(Editor’s note: The poem to which the writer of the letter on this page refers was mailed out about May 8 and received by most people in the county over the following several days. At that point, letters relating to the election were no longer being accepted unless they specifically addressed or abutted comments made in previously published letters. Therefore, Ms. Smith’s letter had to be held until this week, after the election.)