Lunch menu | Nov. 7, 2012

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Menu is subject to change due to availability of food, breakfast is offered daily, milk, juice, toast, cereal.


Wednesday, Nov. 7: Chili, grilled cheese, vegetable sticks with dip,  pears and milk; breakfast: breakfast pizza.

Thursday, Nov. 8: BBQ, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, coleslaw, peaches and milk; breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon.

Friday, Nov. 9: Sub sandwiches, ham, turkey, cheese, bun, pickled beets, chips, bananas, Jell-O and milk.

Monday, Nov. 12: Taco, burrito, lettuce, tomato, cheese, chips and salsa, pinto beans, Mexican rice, apple and milk; breakfast: sausage biscuit.

Tuesday, Nov. 13: Chicken Parmesan, California blend vegetables, parsley potatoes, breadstick, peaches and milk; breakfast: mini pancakes in a bag.

Wednesday, Nov. 14: Chicken noodle, grilled cheese, vegetables with dip, fruit, oranges and milk; breakfast: bacon, egg, cheese and biscuits.