Lunch menu | Oct. 24, 2012

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Menu is subject to change due to availability of food, breakfast is offered daily, milk, juice, toast, cereal.

Thursday, Oct. 25: Breakfast for lunch, sausage, biscuit, gravy, hashbrowns, baked apples and milk; breakfast, pancakes, bacon.

Friday, Oct. 26: Hot dog with bun, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, peas, fruit and milk; breakfast, breakfast pizza.

Monday, Oct. 29: Chicken, buttered noodles, green beans, pears, hot rolls and milk; breakfast, mini pancakes in a bag.

Tuesday, Oct. 30: Spaghetti, California blend, tossed salad, garlic toast, peaches and milk; breakfast, chicken, biscuit.

Wednesday, Oct. 31:  Witches brew, Mummy cheese, Broomsticks and Bat Goo, Shriek Spears, Brain Freeze and milk; breakfast, breakfast pizza.