Madison driver won title with broken leg

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By The Staff

When popular Miss Madison/Oh Boy! Oberto driver Steve David executed a spectacular, abeit accidental, 360 degree flip in heat 4-A of the Oryx Cup UIM World Championship in Doha, Qatar, damage to the boat and driver was thought to be fairly minor.

Boat and driver finished second in the Final Heat run later in the day, to secure the 2009 Season High Point Championship.

Now X-rays taken during a routine physical in Lighthouse Point, Florida--David’s home town--have revealed he was driving in the final heat with a broken fibula in his right (throttle) leg.

“The doctor looked at my leg and said ‘what’s this?’ and I told him it was burning a little,” David said from his home. “He said burning could indicate more than a bruise, and we should take some X-rays.”

Crew chief and former Miss Madison driver Mike Hanson had commented that a carbon-fiber panel in the cockpit was broken and looked like something hit it pretty hard.

The orthopedic surgeon told David the break should heal itself in about six weeks, and added that the driver’s fitness regimen was the reason the break wasn’t worse. The strong muscles in the leg supported the bone and lessened the effect of the injury.

“The Doc is a racing fan, and asked me if I wanted him to break the other one so we would win again,” quipped the 2009 High Point Champion. “The moral of the story is ... stay in shape!”