Making the band

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A new leader means a new start for Trimble’s Marching Raiders

By Brent Schanding

About 16 band members marched in the Thursday afternoon heat, in an abandoned parking lot behind Trimble County High School. Without their instruments, the group counted and paced in rhythm. It was a lesson in synchronicity taught by new leader, Matthew Leedy.

The 23-year-old musician started as new band director for the school’s program in late July.

That’s usually when the band is rehearsing for the upcoming marching season. It takes nearly all summer to nail the music and choreography for the band’s routine and now the group is trying to make up for that lost time.

“The late start did impact the marching program this season, but it will not impact the band program as a whole,” said Leedy, who instructs about 30 concert band members this year. “We did not have enough time to put together a band camp this season, which really is typically the springboard for a functional marching band season.”

That shouldn’t be too problematic, since the marching season won’t face any competitions this year. Nevertheless, Leedy said the members must be primed when they take the field Oct. 3 for the school’s homecoming game. If you go, expect to hear some classics from the band.

“Some of our show tunes this season are ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Eleanor Rigby’ by the Beatles,” Leedy said.

Field Commander Megan Larrison will make sure the band plays on key. You’ll be able to support Larrison and other band members Sept. 13 and 14 at this year’s Apple Festival in Bedford. The group will have a booth set-up near Subway restaurant to raise money for the band.