Mayor seeks input on plan for grocery

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As I promised when I visited with the citizens of Carrollton during my campaign for mayor, I promised to get a grocery to locate in downtown Carrollton.
In an effort to assure that I have considered all of the service areas that would provide for the needs of the patrons of the grocery, I have developed the following list of required services.

  • Full line of groceries and cleaning supplies to accommodate citizens (seniors and those on limited incomes) within the city limits;
  • Deli serving sandwiches and other quick meals as market dictates;
  • Possible ice cream parlor/coffee shop combination;
  • Wi/Fi capability;
  • Possibly computers that patrons could use to access their e-mail;
  • Limited supply of camping equipment to accommodate RV park clients;
  • Delivery to patrons unable to shop for themselves;
  • Other services needed as the market evolves.

After you read this list, if there are other services that you would like to see included, contact The News-Democrat (502) 732-4261 or the mayor’s office at (502) 732-7051. Your response will be appreciated and will be considered in the final plan.

Gene McMurry, Mayor