Mother thanks teachers, community

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By The Staff


It is hard to believe that Fourth of July is already behind us. Our summer vacation is about half over and the new school year will begin in about five weeks. For many this is a very exciting time. This is true at our house as our son, Tristan, prepares to leave for his freshman year at the University of Kentucky.

Tristan and I came to Carrollton in the middle of his seventh grade year. Suffice it to say that Tristan was not happy to be changing schools in the middle of the school year. He did not want to leave the friends that he had been going to school with since kindergarten.

There are so many people in our community who made the transition easier for Tristan. Lonnie Jones did a great job helping to pave the way at the Middle School.

He checked on Tristan daily to see that his classes were going well and that he was making friends. Tristan’s new oldest friends would become Nick and Arley Stroud, Noah White, Will Crase, Cranston Robbins and Daniel Service. This is quite a cast of characters who have stayed close through the years.

David Pepper, you put Tristan on the Academic Team. This is an activity that Tristan took part in for eight years. I am not sure what you thought that you had agreed to after the match at Gallatin County but it turned out, Tristan enjoyed his affiliation with you and with the team for the next five years.

The staff at Carroll County High School has been wonderful. In an all encompassing way all of Tristan’s teachers challenged him and kept him setting higher goals for himself. Bev DeMaree, Duke Boles, Bill Varble, Becky Woods, Dan Mahoney, Warren and Susan McEuen, Kathy Franklin. Jeff Root and Mr. Stephens all played a very important part in Tristan’s education at the high school.

You are among the most influential people in Tristan’s life. I could not have asked for better people to entrust my son’s education to. Mrs. Franklin, you “made” Tristan’s senior year better than fabulous because you allowed him to do the thermite experiment not once but twice and with a crowd out in front of the Panther at the Science Fair.

Last but not least, Jeff Root, your help and influence have been immeasurable. You helped to get Tristan on the right track. You not only brought Tristan to music but music to Tristan and have given him the greatest thing of all and that is love.

Thank you, teachers. I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate all of your help, your time, your guidance and your genuine love for our son. Tristan is ready to go to college now. I will have an easier time of it now, because of you, to give Tristan his “wings”.

Thank you all, so much.

Kim Root