NAS donation clarified

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By The Staff


I would like to correct something that was printed in the paper a couple of weeks ago with a picture of NAS donating money. The caption said it was donated to the Carroll County Animal Shelter when in fact it was donated to Carroll County Animal Support. I want everyone to be aware that we get no funding from the county or any other government agency. We rely solely on donations from companies such as NAS and Arkema and individuals.

This past year we saved more than 150 dogs and cats. Most of the dogs came from our county shelter where they would have surely been euthanized. Without the donations we could not provide medical treatments to those who need it and to provide vaccines that are required by law to cross state lines, as we get many of our dogs into organizations that are out of state.

We had several spay/neuter (SNIP) clinics this past year which has helped to decrease the number of unwanted dog and cat litters. We will begin our clinics this year in February so please call (502) 732-6040 if you wish to register your pet.

We look forward to the New Year and new challenges. I would like to take this opportunity to thank NAS (Melanie Stewart) and Arkema (Annis Banks) for their most recent generous donations. With out people who have compassion for animals, we would not be able to save so many.

Tammie L Crawford

Executive Director

Carroll County Animal Support Inc