New website focuses on library as community hub

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There are many different ways the library represents itself. We have a physical presence with amazing facilities. We feel this is a great benefit to Carrollton’s Downtown Historic District and to Carroll County. It is the keystone to our organization, but it cannot be the sole representation of any successful business in this day of technology and the Internet.

We are extremely proud to re-introduce our website, www.carrollcountylibrary.org.  With the help of Carroll County resident and graphic designer Justin Bessinger, we focused on the library being the “hub” of our community. We provide space for gathering, learnin, and technology. We want this to be reflected in our physical space and our virtual space.

Our logo looks slightly different. We chose to incorporate a computer network hub with our beautiful book design. I thought it was important to visually depict this combination.

As in most design and branding, this depiction represents a literal translation that the library is a place to find books, entertainment and technology. It also symbolically represents the shift in how our library is being used. This does not mean books no longer represent one of our main functions to this community. The library is a place where you can find community, support, assistance and guidance.

Along these same lines, you will notice our new website includes a background image taken from a Mary Ann Gentry print we have in our Kentucky Room. It is a lovely, colorful image that represents a historical interpretation of what Court Street may have looked like in the early settlement of Carrollton. This was an image my staff and I felt was important to showcase. We always want to pay homage to the community that has supported us all these years. To me, this was an interesting juxtaposition of our past, present and future.

Each year we honor Mary Ann Gentry, her love for Carrollton and creativity with our annual art show. We have several pieces of her art throughout the library and on display each May. We proudly house her “History of Carroll County” and felt she was the perfect ambassador of our proud past.

As always, we hope you enjoy our new website and visit it as often as your visit the library. Bookmark it as your one place to do research, check out e-books, audiobook downloads, download music and find out what’s happening at your library.


Hillary Arney is director of Carroll County Public Library.