New weight level can avert traffic citations

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Farmers, especially those who drive their vehicles out of state, might want to consider a new option when purchasing license registration renewals during March.

Farmers have an option when purchasing their farm tags to adjust the weight limit from 38,000 pounds to 26,000 pounds. The price and the tags are the same, but the ramifications could be costly.

The issue has arisen where farmers are driving into states like Illinois and Indiana. In some states, anyone with a weight limit higher than 26,000 pounds is subject to being pulled over and then cited for not paying special taxes on things like fuel.

For most farmers, the weight limit of 26,000 pounds should be suitable for their normal operations.

The state came up with the alternate weight limit on farm tags in order to help farmers who are leaving Kentucky and winding up with huge fines due to a lack of proper licensing and or meeting the higher standards in those states.

When individuals come in to renew their farm tags in March be sure to question the weight limit of your tags.

If you currently have a farm tag and are unsure of the weight, this information can be found on your last year’s registration.

This information is located on the second line toward the right side of the registration. If 38,000 pounds is on your registration, you might want to consider adjusting the weight if the 26,000 pounds is suitable for your needs.

Those with questions should go to the Kentucky State Police website and look under the commercial vehicle enforcement program or contact this office.

Alice Marsh

Carroll County Clerk