Outage brings fond memories

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By The Staff


A big thank you to LG&E and their employees for the beautiful job they did last week. God bless all. My granddaughter, Angie Gosman, is one of the LG&E staff.

I remember when we had to gather around the old kerosene lamp for a little light. Then one day some men came to wire our little house for electricity. I was around 7 or 8 years old. When they finished the job and that little light bulb hung down from the ceiling in the kitchen, they turned it on and the whole room was lit. I could sit in the corner and still see to read. I thought, “How good can it get?” Before, all seven kids had to crowd around the table trying to get our lessons, the little lamp in the center with the little blaze flickering.

Now I am near 94 years old. I can remember the kids kicking each other under that table. Mom would make one stop, then another would holler to make him or her “stop looking at me.” But after we got electric, Mom would scatter us all over the house to keep the peace.

We were in the dark just three days last week. This made me appreciate what we had been used to. Now I want to send to all the LG&E Company and staff from all the people who were in the dark, a big hug for all you did.

P.S. I still wonder what kept the old lamp from being knocked to the floor. Guess it was the old razor strap hanging on the wall; my dad was a marksman. Today it would be called child abuse; then it was called discipline.

Theola Knox

Milton, KY