Panthers run over Raiders, 59-13

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In an eagerly anticipated game between two close rivals, the Carroll County football team defeated the Trimble County Raiders 59-13 on Friday, Oct.19.

The Raiders faced an onslaught of tough offensive plays from the Panthers, as Carroll scored two touchdowns by John Michael Adams and Tyshaun Embs minutes after kickoff, 13-0.

The atmosphere was as intense as the night’s cold temperatures. The Panthers continued their drive to the end zone and racked up another three touchdowns – one apiece for Adams and Embs and an interception return for a score by Zach Birch –, bringing the score to 33-0 by the end of the first quarter.

Carroll continued their victorious streak into the second period as well, as Zach McBurney scored on a three-yard rumble, and Embs broke away for an 80-yard and a 40-yard TD run.

The Raiders, energized after the bruising setbacks of the first half, “really pulled it together,” in the words of Trimble County’s head coach Justin Franklin in the second half.

The Panthers refused to let up, however, as Embs drove home another rushing touchdown in the third quarter.

By the fourth quarter, the Raider offense had finally managed to combat its opponent on the scoreboard. Tevin Taylor made a series of bold runs, and Bo Hawkes ran 20 yards for a Raider touchdown, followed by a successful PAT by Trent Taylor. With minutes left in the game, Trimble’s Wyatt Atkins capitalized on Hawkes’ gains and scored a 41-yard touchdown, leaving the final score at 59-13.

Franklin reminded his team that he was proud of their performance and praised their surprising comeback in the game’s final minutes.

The Panthers (6-3) will finish their season on the road at Dayton Friday, Oct. 26, while the Raiders (1-8) will play their last home game against Kentucky Country Day.


News editor Kristin Sherrard contributed to this article.



Carroll Co., Tyshawn Embs (10-302, 5 TDs); John Michael Adams (4-53, 2 TDs); Cameron Rose (7-26); Kiefer McIntyre (3-15); Timmy Crutcher (1-4); Zack McBurney (1-3, TD); Joe Gibbs (1-2); Casey Breeden (1-1); Team (1-(-2)).

Trimble Co., Wyatt Adkins (11-92, TD); Tevin Taylor (11-69); Bo Hawkes (3-21, TD); T.J. Payton (2-1); Brian Haney (2-0)




Carroll Co., John Michael Adams (0-1-0). Trimble Co., Tevin Taylor (3-8-2, 11 yards); T.J. Payton (1-2-0, 4 yards).



Carroll Co., none. Trimble Co., Wyatt Adkins (3-11); Trent Taylor (1-4).



Blake Newby - 4 asst

Zach Birch - 2 solo 1 asst 2 int 1TD

Tim Corley - 1 solo

Spencer Snyder - 2 asst

Dillon Craig - 2 solo 1 asst 1 pass def

Cam Smith - 3 solo 4 asst 1TFL

Raven LaBrada - 1 asst

Zach Robertson - 1 asst

Tyshaun Embs - 1 solo 1 pass def

Matt Bartley - 1 solo 3 asst

Will Wallace 3 solo 3 asst 1 sack

Cam Rose 2 asst

Casey Breeden 3 solo 3asst 1 TFL 1 sack 1 forced fumble 1 fumble recovery

Curtis Oliver 1 asst

Keifer McIntyre 1 asst 1 sack

Ryan Davidson 4 asst

Austin Courtney 1 asst

Caleb Guenthner 1 solo

Josh Gibbs 1 solo 1 TFL

Joe Gibbs 1TFL

Zach McBurnery 1 TFL

Simon Guo 2 solo 4 asst 2TFL 1 forced fumble