Paying their dues

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Police arrest 14 for failing to pay child support

By Kristin Beck

Local law enforcement continued its crackdown on those who do not pay court-ordered child support.


The Carroll County Attorney’s Office and Carroll County Sheriff’s Office organized a roundup for Tuesday, Feb. 19 targeting 25 people in Carroll, Owen, Trimble, Henry, Oldham and Gallatin counties. As of Monday, 14 have been arrested and charged — two with non-support, a Class A misdemeanor, and the rest with flagrant non-support, a Class D felony. They were all lodged in the Carroll County Detention Center.

County Attorney Nick Marsh said a lot of people think they cannot be arrested for non-support until they hit $1,000, but that is not the case. Warrants can be issued for any amount, he said. If a person is one month behind on child support, there is a possibility that a warrant may be issued.

Marsh said the warrants ranged from $750-$18,000, totaling about $115,000. The warrants were signed out of Carroll County District Court by Judges Thomas Funk and Elizabeth Chandler.

“We never excuse someone from paying child support,” Marsh said. However, if an individual is behind one month and they contact the county attorney’s office, Marsh said he will look at their payment history, work history, their ability to pay and their history of working with the office.

A total of 15 officers with the sheriff’s office, Carrollton Police Department and Kentucky State Police gathered at the city police station to organize into groups and receive their assignments. Sheriff Jamie Kinman noted that many of the addresses are no longer correct. “Most of these people are on the move,” he said in a sheriff’s office news release.


The following individuals have been arrested:

Kenneth S. Bartram, 44, 516 Paradise Alley, Carrollton

Joseph S. Beach, 37, 187 Davis St., Sanders

Joseph D. Botkins, 34, 207 Carroll Avenue, Ghent

Jeffery D. Brent, 21, 2354 Ghent Eagle South, Sanders

William D. Burchfield, 28, 293 Tennessee Walking Lane, Milton

William J. Craig, 34, 505 B 7th Street, Carrollton

Chad Easton, 33, 806 Sycamore St., Carrollton

George Hoover III, 24, 425 Main St. Apt. 3, Carrollton

Melissa S. Mertz, 37, 704 11th St., Carrollton

Jamie Sachleben, 33, 78 Raisor Road, Sanders

Sandra Sanchez, 41, 714 Sixth St., Carrollton

Gary A. Simmons, 36, 7700 Hwy. 36E, Sanders

Joseph D. Walls, 27, 8101 Hanna Road, Crestwood

Erica J. Zimmer, 29, 425 Main St. Apt. 3, Carrollton


The following, with their last known addresses, are still sought by authorities:

James Beverly, 30, 6266 Turners Station Road, Turners Station

Freddie Black, 47, 575 Happy Hollow Lane, Worthville

Melissa Courtney, 36, 2145 Claxon Road, Owenton

Stacie Cox, 31, 911 Seventh St., Carrollton

Allen Edmondson, 42, 425 Main St., Carrollton

Daniel Hoskins, 34, 71 Madison Street, Carrollton

Larry Ligon, 40, 3275 Hwy. 127S, Owenton

Jason Proctor, 35, 503 Taylor St., Carrollton or 1496 Martin St., Carrollton

Larry Smith, 40, 602 Fifth St., Carrollton

Jewell Thacker, 36, 200 E. Pearl St. #2, Warsaw

Michael Wilson, 36, 11 Ewingsford Road, Bedford


Anyone with information on their whereabouts should call the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office at (502) 732-7010 or leave an anonymous tip on the sheriff’s website, www.carrollcountykysheriff.com. Information can also be given to the County Attorney’s office at (502) 732-7009.

“When you’re ordered to pay child support you need to make the effort to pay it and help take care of your children,” Kinman said in a news release. He noted that flagrant non-support is a crime and law enforcement will continue to make arrests when warrants are issued for those who do not pay their court-ordered child support.