Plans become reality in downtown area

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My wife Robin and I enjoyed a stroll through downtown Carrollton on Saturday evening of Memorial Day Weekend. The journey reminded us of some of the things we love about Carrollton.

First, we followed the alley between Sixth and Seventh streets toward the Ohio River and noticed how many back yards were freshly mowed and cleaned up.  As we walked along Main Street toward Fifth Street, business at Down on Main Street and Welch’s Riverside Restaurant seemed brisk. We followed the Ohio along the new river walk, which is nearly complete. From that vantage, the river seemed wider than ever.  The live music from T-Kays and the Tiki Bar suggested that a vibrant night life was just kicking off as the day was coming to an end.

The magnetic view of the confluence at sunset had drawn many people to The Point.  Some were parked at the river bank, just enjoying the scene, while some fished, rode skateboards and bicycles, or picnicked under the shelters. 

One of the most satisfying parts of the walk was at the 2Rivers Campground and RV Park, which was packed with visitors from surrounding counties, as well as from other states, judging from their license plates.  Every spot was filled with recreational vehicles, most of which were decorated in patriotic red, white, and blue. Families and friends were gathered around small campfires talking, playing and grilling.

The last leg of our journey brought us past the construction work at Carroll County Middle School, which will eventually result in new learning spaces for music, physical education, technology, engineering, biomedical sciences, and culinary arts.

My wife and I returned from our walk with hope for this community.  Just a few years ago, the river walk, campground, shelter, and skate park were all just part of a vision. The new businesses are the result of someone’s dream. Everything we see first existed in someone’s imagination. Thank God, not only for those who have dared to dream, but for those who have made those dreams a reality.

Jeff and Robin Fremin