Prestonville City Commission

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By The Staff

Voters will be asked to select four of the five candidates,

listed alphabetically. Each candidate answered questionnaire in phone

or in-person interviews.

Robert “Spike” Barnes, 49

Lifelong Carroll County resident; Prestonville resident for 11 years.

Has served on commission for two years.

Why are you seeking re-election?

So far, we’ve done some road repairs, blacktopping and built new sidewalks, as well as working on drainage problems. The most significant thing that has happened while I’ve been on the commission is the park built for the city of Prestonville. There is a playground, a gazebo, tables and chairs, grills. We are planning to put in a horse-shoe pit and a basketball court.

I plan to continue working on bad drainage problems, including on Madison Street and Carlisle Road, and fixing roads. We’ve always had drainage problems here ever since I’ve lived here. I plan to add this into the 2009 calendar.

Why are you best qualified?

I think I did a good job. I’m a people person and listen to their concerns. They know my door’s always open and they can call me anytime. I’m there, if there’s anything I can do for them.

I would like two more years to finish my campaign promises.

Tommy C. Couch, 51

Employed at Nugent Sand Co. for 23 years

Lifelong Carroll County resident; Prestonville resident for 14 years

Former two-term mayor

Why are you running for office?

Just to see if some of the projects get carried out.

I eventually would like to get a city building, something small, possibly near the park. The commission currently meets at the fire hall.

I think the seniors need a building, maybe a community center. It’s been talked about in the county for 50 years. The county needs one. We’ve done been kids; we’ll all be seniors pretty soon.

Why are you best qualified?

I was mayor from 1998 through 2006. As mayor, I started getting the right-of-ways mowed and streets plowed in the winter. I got streets paved and new sidewalks put in, and acquired property for the park. I also started Prestonville Clean-Up day in the spring and fall.

I am the most qualified. I’ve got the most experience; I’ve seen it all and heard it all.

R. L. Dixon

Retired labor worker.

Lifelong resident of Carroll County; Prestonville resident for 21 years.

Has served on the commission for two years.

Why are you seeking re-election?

The important thing to me is getting the park finished, a place for the kids to play and get them off the streets. It is almost finished.

I’m making no promises, but I would like to see the town improve and get to where it ought to be; keeping the community clean. Would like to see the old truck stop improved. I would like to see more business come to Prestonville.

Why are you best qualified?

I’ve been in Carroll County about all my life. I’m my own person.

Wilk Hoskins, 70

Retired from ArvinMeritor.

A former resident of Gallatin County, he moved to Prestonville 20 years ago.

Appointed to commission in January.

Why are you running for office?

I would like to be elected so I could help out our city. I came in on the park deal; there’s still a little bit to finish. It’s a great thing for this city.

If we can generate enough money, I’d like to see sidewalks throughout the city. It would look a lot nicer. But money is rather limited. Grants would be great, if we can talk the state out of any money.

Why are you best qualified?

I’ll work hard for the people and do whatever I can to benefit the people and the town. I would hope new business would come in; that would generate a little revenue. Any business that comes into the city, it helps out.

William MartIn

Manager of Swifty Gas in Carrollton

Originally from Taylor County, he has lived in Prestonville six years.

Why are you running for office?

I was sworn in this year to fill a vacancy. It’s the first time I’ve held an office.

The main thing we’ve done is get the park started [a project that started before his tenure] and I’d like to get it finished. We’ve gotten a few places cleaned up around here that weren’t cleaned up before.

The issues to address if I’m elected are just continuing the things we’ve started.


Why are you best qualified?

I’m willing to help get this stuff done and make Prestonville a better place.