Prestonville to reinstall park sign, evaluate Wi-Fi

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By Sandie Banks

The City of Prestonville voted at their commission meeting March 18 to return the city park sign to the park site.

The sign was removed on the request of Billy Walker Sr., who believed the wording on the sign was illegal due to the fact that the sign contained the names of the previous commissioners. He expressed his concern and said, “90 percent of the people [who built the park] were kin folk” of those same city officials. 

The sign, which has been in storage since its removal, was brought into the meeting by Walker and previous City Commissioner Spike Barnes to be inspected. Barnes believed the sign should be reinstalled and said, “we put many, many hours” into building the park. 

Walker said he believed since the park was built with tax money, no special recognition should be given to the elected officials who were in office at that time.

“My tax money helped build the park, so I am going to get a plaque to put out there too,” he said.

City Attorney Alecia Hubbard explained that the law regarding recognition of elected officials was written in such a way that there was nothing illegal about the park sign.  A motion was put forth by Commissioner LindaAllen Clark to return the sign. “If it’s not illegal, I would like to see it back up,” she said.

The motion was seconded by Commissioner Rae Stevens. The motion carried despite the disapproval of Walker, who voted against it.


Hubbard suggests smoke free building

City Attorney Alecia Hubbard voiced her concern to the group regarding attendees smoking in the city building. She suggested that the building be smoke free. “It’s something you might want to think about.” Hubbard went on to mention that other government buildings do not allow smoking. The group decided to table the vote on this motion until the next meeting.


City Wi-Fi service to be re-evaluated

The Commissioners voted to have Michael Brent come in and evaluate their current Wi-Fi service, which is now provided by Powered On LLC, located in Carrollton.

Spike Barnes told the group that, due to a poor signal, only “select people” can get the Wi-Fi.  Barnes said Brent will “come over free of charge” to evaluate the system.   

The current equipment was purchased from Powered On. Mayor Vickie Burgin said the city is currently contracted with that company for service, although she was unsure when that contracted ended. 

“We bought the equipment off of him, and it should still be under warranty,” Burgin said. She made a motion to have Brent evaluate the service. 

Commissioner Linda Allen Clark seconded the motion stating it was “not going to cost anything” for his opinion. The motion passed, and the group agreed to follow up at their April meeting after Brent had checked out the system.


Budget discussed

Mayor Vickie Burgin shared the city budget with the commissioners and asked them to look it over before they had to vote on it in a couple of months. “If you see anything that needs changed, I can change it.  Let me know for the next meeting,” she said.

Included in the budget was the annual Community Day, which will be held on June 22. The event will include food, inflatables and games.