Project Comfort makes a difference for senior citizens in Carroll County

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Mr. Dick Humphrey is in heaven now. I knew him as a senior citizen in my neighborhood many years ago. He moved slowly and deliberately, always with a cane. He depended on those around him to help get groceries into his house and snow off his porch.

People looked out for Mr Humphrey and offered to help him in many creative ways. My “thing” was to walk with him to church. He was always happy and grateful for the community who cared for him.

This gentle man is vividly present in my mind and heart as we prepare for our annual Project Comfort Blitz Day on Oct. 26. Maybe you have a senior citizen in your family or a neighbor whose very presence calls forth the best in you. I urge you to keep that person in mind as you think about committing to help us winterize and repair seniors’ homes in this community.

Since the fall of 2006, we have worked together to make Project Comfort work in Carroll County. Last year youth and adults of all ages and persuasions came together to make life easier for 22 seniors in our community.

Talented leaders and generous followers combined forces to cover windows with plastic, fix leaky faucets, repair faulty stairwells, rake leaves, insulate walls, shore up sagging floors and replace batteries in smoke alarms.

PMC Organometallix and Dow Corning regularly partner with us through the Community Advisory Panel to provide financial resources that really help make this all happen.

“What to do!” Simply show up at the First Baptist Church at 8 a.m. on Oct. 26. Get your adrenalin going with coffee and doughnuts.

Look at the list of projects that beg for a team of workers. Shake hands with your team and get going. You will be greeted with grateful seniors as you arrive to winterize.

Return that greeting with honest labor to ease the burdens of winter for these gentle people. Top off the morning with a free lunch at the Carrollton Christian Church. Proceed through the rest of the day with a light heart and a happy face.

If you are a youth, or group of youth up to age 21, add one more step. Write about how this project “Makes a Difference” in this community.

Submit your entry for a prize of $500-$1,000 to Ruth Baxter’s law office by Saturday, Oct. 19. Ohio Valley United Charities is sponsoring this competition throughout a five-county area. Someone will win, and it surely could be you.


Sister Paula Gohs, C.D.P., is a pastoral associate at St. John The Evangelist Catholic Church in Carrollton.