Prom is a privilege for students, not a right

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By The Staff


Although prom season has come and gone, this is in regard to the April 21 letter about prom and the student not being able to go.

As a student of Trimble County High School who was not able to attend because of my attendance, I would like to express the fact that all students and parents sign an agreement at the beginning of each school year. Although some situations come up and you do become sick, Mr. Sampson is very cooperative to the fact and may permit your attendance. As to him saying swine flu never hit Trimble County, that is ridiculous [because] a letter was sent home to every student stating swine flu was in the county and that precautions were being taken.

We, as students, sign agreements that say if we don’t come to school, we don’t attend prom. Therefore, why do such students throw a fit and complain when prom season comes around? The school gives us all the opportunity to attend every day; therefore, it’s our fault, not theirs.

Our parents shouldn’t take time out of their day, or quite frankly out of Mr. Sampson’s, to come and bend the rules. Good attendance is a sign of responsibility; it’s some- thing both colleges and employ- ers look at before considering a prospective student or employee. If anything, our parents should be thanking Mr. Sampson for admin- istering the rules.

Prom is a privilege, and we as students shouldn’t expect to break the rules without facing the conse- quences for our own actions.

Ashley Fox

Trimble County