Railroad needs to clean up in Worthville

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We are truly blessed to live in a geographical area that has three rivers, an interstate highway and railroad. This has enabled the county to draw several internationally known industries and businesses to this area producing numerous jobs for local people and greatly increasing the revenue for Carroll and surrounding counties. For this I am grateful.

Most methods of transportation and delivery to the area seem to have respect for the area and help keep it looking good. However, if you will come and take a look at Worthville, you will find this is not the case.

As a life-long resident, I recall there was once grass along our Main Street. There is now dust, gravel, concrete and steel. Not to mention, the train engines that are now often left parked and running about a hundred feet from people’s homes. It’s virtually impossible to get a good night’s sleep listening to that.

Most of the changes have taken place in the last 10-15 years. In the past, I’ve tried talking to railroad officials and our city commission. CSX isn’t willing to help clean up our town and help to make it a quieter, cleaner place to live.

A few years ago the city commission had to result to contacting WAVE-3 news troubleshooter to get CSX to fix our only railroad crossing which was nearly impassible. It’s hard to believe that in a News-Democrat story several years ago a CSX spokesperson basically said that they try to work with the towns. Not so in our case and small town budgets simply don’t allow for legal action that is constantly ignored.

Possibly local businesses, officials and industry officials who benefit greatly from the CSX railroad will come take a look at Worthville and encourage CSX to move their storage area to a different location outside of town. Please, help us get our town back.

Belinda Phillips