Reader believes editor's column lacking facts

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By The Staff


Response to your article on Sept. 15, 2010, on Milton City Hall and Shannon Hoskins. [“‘Sunshine Laws’ are in place to ensure open government,” Page 4.]

You had best report on baby showers and festivals, because you are more qualified for those events than as an investigative reporter. Your article about Shannon Hoskins and the City of Milton was a lie; no facts, proof and a blatant disregard for the truth in journalism as you took an oath to, and to libel a person by blaming her for everything going on at City Hall.

These are the facts: A. Illegal meeting April 30, 2010

B. Shannon was off work that day, she stopped by the office for an hour that morning. She was at another event. The meeting was held that afternoon.

A. May 24, 2010

B. Locks were changed on her office door. An employee handed her a letter signed by [Mayor Denny] Jackson asking for her resignation. Refused to quit, immediately placed on medical leave.

A. Illegal meeting June 25, 2010.

B. Shannon was on medical leave until her termination on/about July 22, 2010.

It’s very sad that [editor] Phyllis [McLaughlin] has all the tools available to her and she is not competent to write a fair and honest report. All the information in this response is available at Milton City Hall and Trimble County Circuit Court clerk’s office, and to anyone who is interested in truth, facts and honesty under the Open Records Act. Put in a written request for the records you want.

To blame Shannon Hoskins for all the trouble at [Milton] City Hall is wrong. She worked for Mayor Jackson and the commissioners; they were her bosses. She did advise them on state law. The mayor and commissioners signed legal docucments about Open Meeting laws. Attorney Genon Hensley is a paid legal adviser for the city. They don’t have to take her advice; they are adults.

Phyllis needs to take her own advice on open records and meeting laws and get off her back side.

Larry O’Dell Graves Milton, Ky.